Remember when hair color with roots exposed were considered taboo? Unless you were Madonna (or a little kid with natural sun-kissed hair) .…Roots meant you were either out of time or money to do your hair. Showing your roots was definitely a dressed down version of hair.  

But today’s trend ditches the colorist (on purpose!) for a more natural look.  Rooted colors are literally everywhere now.  The best news is for wigs as rooted colors is the number one way to get the most natural look from your wig and topper.  Rooted Color is the art of starting with a darker root which gradually blends out in to a lighter tone or color through to the ends.

The funny thing is...roots used to mean you didn’t have time to go to the colorist.  Now to get the most coveted rooted colors and have them look smooth and natural, you have to have a good hair dresser and hope they get it right!

The wigs you see here in this post are some of our favorite most beautifully rooted wigs from our top brands to inspire you.  Rooted colors come in all shades.  Brunette, Red head, or Blonde you can have this gorgeous on trend look in any color!

Gone are the days of the two toned hair.  What used to be taboo is now trend and we don't see an end to this picture perfect color method.  This is a must try for everyone. When you know you hair looks great, you feel great...Naturally!


African American Wigs - Amazing Hair Styles for Women of Color



Rooted colors are literally everywhere now. The Hottest Trend